The "Scarpe Vera" company was founded more than half a century ago by its owner Alberto Cecconi, the grandfather who, by following the handicraft tradition, characteristic of the S. Croce area, opened the typical "shoemaker's shop".
In order to repair and above all to rebuild men's, women's or children's shoes, two things were necessary at the time:

1) workmanschip and experience
2) availability of the right type of leather and hide to give the shoe resistance and comfort.

At that time we did not use neither rubber soles nor any kind of upper-sole vulcanization. After being shaped on the last, soles and vamps used to be patched and joint together by hand-sewn after which nails were put under the soles to have them better adhere to the ground.

Demand went up along the years and that small shop became very soon a family-run business with the first machineries.

passion and pride have grown with us while we rrealized that the trust of our customers towards our craftsmanship and products remained unchanged throughout the years. This trust led us to rebuild our factory in 1999, were we can now make use of the most advanced technology thanks to functional machines and to the proper facilities for the production of both 100% hide & leather shoes (with traditional seam) and modern, elegant or "all use" shoes with rubber soles and variously worked uppers.

Our factory has been well-known throughout the years for the top-quality of the materials used for each and every component of our shoes as well as for the high level of innovation and service and has grown with its line of products in design and comfort.