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Vera has been on the market of the hand-made shoes for more than half a century now and specifically for what pertains to mountain, work and casual footwear.

Vera has always aimed to the improvement of both the materials used and its working techique but has never given up the exclusive use of genuine leather and stitched seams (double stitched seams in case of mountain-shoes), to guarantee both the quality and the sturdiness of the traditional craftsmanschip and the comfort given by the most advanced technologies.

Mountains-boots (for summer-winter trekking and climbing) produced by Vera have been designed to be used in the most extreme environmental conditions, studied for the most difficult tracks such as rocky, snow-clad or frozen grounds. Comfort and lightness have been combined to qualities such as strenght, protection and water repellence.

Vera now stands out in the market of hand-made shoes for its careful choice of the most advanced materials and for the ergonomic characteristics of its handicraft as well.

Vera also manufactures all kinds of safety shoes by strictly following the European Community prescriptions (see law n° 626).

Ever since the beginning, one of our lines has been actually specifically dedicated to those safety shoes with reinforced sole, resistant and oil-proof with metal protection and antistatic characteristics.