Via Fardello, 16 51035 Mastromarco-Lamporecchio (PISTOIA) ITALY

Tel. +39 0573 82059 Cell. +39 328 5925176

Entirely renovated in its facilities and rooms in 1999 (see photo), our company can now count on the most modern machineries to produce carefully detailed shoes and to control the several phases of the production to make every item a product of the highest quality, dedicated to those who rely on the perfect mergin of technology and traditional craftsmanship. Our line does not actually make use of automatic processes, typical of mass production.

The experienced and professional staff represents our winning resource along with our production capacity (see also our company history).

Here are the several phases leading to finally have one lot of Vera shoes: the scrupulous preparation of the model and careful control of all the production cycle, the shearing, the shaping on the last, the tacking, the sewing, up to the finisching and the final packing, all of these different phases will guarantee you the final result.